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User Info CPI: ROFL!; entered at 2023-11-14 11:07:49
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Registered: 2023-02-10 Michigan
The 10 Year Treasury has dropped from 4.96% down to 4.47%. The 6-month yield has fallen from 5.59% to 5.42%. This will go on much longer than any of us can comprehend. Most of us are "irritatingly logical", me included. Yes, inflation is 8-10% based on insurance, food, and other "gotta buy" things. Rates aren't totally driven by logic as we know. In reality, things our country does behind the scenes and to our faces keep the demand for our debt below the real rate of inflation. Hamas / Israel for example. IMO, a big unknown is how much do Russia, China, US, Saudi, EU, Israel, etc. agree behind the scenes? This site and Miss Ann have provided the best insight on navigating World Events. As a result, I have made significant changes the last 15 years thanks to both. I have tried to spread the word with little success.
2023-11-14 11:07:49