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User Info Demographics Is Destiny; entered at 2023-11-07 09:33:59
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Registered: 2021-10-16
TG Mrs. Wolf here, Late to the party but before this is a dead thread, wanted to add that what we know about childhood development of the brain and neuroscience backs up your assertion about having a good childhood so one wants kids. It's actually worse than that. We are born with a brain stem and a nub of cells with potential. You must have an involved, competent, consistent adult as 1) a stimulus for every phase of growth, 2) a programmer during that phase and 3) to act as external brain while you literally don't have one, or a functional one up until your early 20's. Growth is exponential up through the 5th year (day care anyone?) but that doesn't mean that up until the end of the teens, one can not cause massive damage through neglect or inconsistency. It just means that the worse damage is likely during the early phase, although a big enough trama during any of the growth can be catastrophic. Divorce is IMO like a grenade to the young brain. I believe my generation (gen X) was the first massively brain damaged generation due to day care, latch key and the pandemic of divorce that swept through like wild fire. I also believe the millennials got it even worse. To the young people today, I am sorry. Our heads were not on straight and it's taken a while to figure that out. Also congratulations to @Doladin.
So what now? Well, we also all know about neuroplasticity and it is presently debated whether or not one can regrow/ rewire in adulthood. Personally I believe there is scientific evidence one can to a large extent, but like with the Coof jab, one has to actually be aware and do the hard work. I certainly have seen wounded people have kids, heal and find joy through that journey. But you can't just look around and say everyone is doing X so X is ok. Sun Tau said In chaos there is opportunity. I believe this generation can take that as a framing as well as demographics is destiny - if one is making the demographics. Could a population bottleneck be an opportunity? It will not be easy, but man needs meaning in life and the good struggle. My grandfather lost his parents at 4, lived in an orphanage through Spanish flu and WWI. Married during the depression and had every right to say f*ck it, but had kids as the world was sucked into WWII. Then stuff got hard, then really good. We are also not omniscient. Things can change over a 5 year or 10 year period that we can not predict. Thing is, I believe we've been in collapse since "hope and change" was a wildly successful campaign theme. I certainly have not seen my country since around that time. Yet here we are drawing breath and putting one foot in front of the other. As much as I hate Clown World, life is quite good.
2023-11-07 09:33:59