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User Info On Boebert; entered at 2023-09-17 10:54:40
Posts: 602
Registered: 2021-12-17
Karl wrote..
The apologists will of course say "well she's effective advancing the GOP agenda." To which I say: So what?

@Tickerguy -- Wait? The GOP agenda has been advanced? We have fiscal responsibility? government accountability? the law applied justly?

Oh, you're referring to the PR campaign, where "I don't care that he said to take the bumpstocks first and worry about due process later... he makes the libs seethe!"

Prof_dilligaf wrote..
That's actually a good reason to have her tried for treason and shot.

@Prof_dilligaf -- Pretty much my thoughts.

Boredfree wrote..
All hat, no cattle.

@Boredfree -- That's Texas, not Colorado.
2023-09-17 10:54:40