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User Info On Boebert; entered at 2023-09-17 08:52:33
Posts: 1754
Registered: 2021-09-15 western slope colorado
Ah yes, colorado's western slope version of Sarah Palin. Bullshitter extraordinary and a thorn in the side of local liberals.

I didn't read the tale of her recent adventures in Denver. I've seen the headlines and the night vision images of her being kicked out.

Vaping and singing are the stupid actions the headlines said required her removal. I haven't seen news stories mentioning sexual escapades in the headline. What do we say about your penis and crazy? I guess her new guy wants to get into politics, or at least a politician.

Unfortunately, she is a good representation of many local(loco) conservatives whom display her political signs next to their giant Trump flags.

All hat, no cattle.

2023-09-17 08:52:33