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User Info But Inflation Was Going Away!; entered at 2023-09-14 10:04:53
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Registered: 2011-11-06

100% correct, and it's not just restaurants.

"We" are in a pickle. Still way too much tightness in the job market, and peeps either quit for another 50 cents an hour across the street, leave the workforce entirely (early retirement, "disability", etc.) or coast until they reach it, regress to mommy's basement, couch surf, etc.

Incentives matter. Right now there is no incentive to work, unless you want to get robbed even more by taxes both overt (IRS) and covert (inflation). But is it truly robbery when thieves steal from thieves?

Prices are not really falling, aside from perhaps a bit off the top of already massively overpriced assets like RE and cars. Services and repairs sure as fuck aren't. I got the receipts.

Going Galt is looking better by the day. If one can afford to do so. Or mooch.

2023-09-14 10:04:53