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User Info But Inflation Was Going Away!; entered at 2023-09-14 08:39:05
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Registered: 2011-11-06
Inflation is deficit spending.

(M)asses vote for (or at least acquiesce) for freebies today.....and offspring pay tomorrow. EBT, Ukraine, obammycare,, "kids in cages", bailouts top of the food chain to bottom, woke and "green" madness....the list is endless. And growing.

Inflation is the tax we pay now....with the added "bonus" of the debt still being on the books, seemingly forever in the form of "national debt" which apparently doesn't matter anymore, and hasn't in decades.

Whatever happened to the "bond vigilante"?

Oh well. Print baby, print!

Inflation over the past 3 years is easily 2x the "official" rates, gotta keep those COLAs and other inflation-adjusted expenses down now, don't we?

I read the Fed is taking "losses" as it trickles the shit off of their books, not sure how or what that means, but I suspect it ain't good. Most likely offloading another worthless expense on the backs of the (m)asses.

The pain will continue until sanity and discipline return. I suspect that it will take a lot more pain for us to get there.

The inflationary lies and obfuscations will continue, as they must. And so will our standard of living.

This is what happens when thieving becomes normalized, from top to bottom.

2023-09-14 08:39:05