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User Info But Inflation Was Going Away!; entered at 2023-09-14 08:08:16
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Registered: 2021-09-12 michigan
House insurance premium way up this year so I switched to one with lower cost. They came out and took pictures of house and garage. Letter from company says to get rid of limbs over garage or we'll cancel. Great, because I know if they cancel it will show up on my records as to why they cancelled. Large, 80-100 ft oak tree in hard-to-reach area next to garage and power line. Cost? Over $4900.00. However, that also included smaller tree hanging over driveway and large dead limb also near driveway.

Bonus: Photo of tree marked near driveway was read incorrectly by arborist and they cut down wrong tree (which I actually would like to have down) and when I pointed that out, they admitted it was their mistake. No charge. Additionally, area where large oak was will be turned into veggie garden.

Point being, though the house is paid for, home ownership is expensive, especially when you can't DIY something, and insurance companies are looking for ways to cut inflationary costs by taking pre-emptive moves to avoid future payouts. The arborist told me that they're seeing a lot of homeowners having to remove limbs and trees or the insurance provider will drop them. This may be standard procedure in high-risk parts of the country, but this is in a relatively low-risk area.
2023-09-14 08:08:16