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User Info An Old Game Is Back Again; entered at 2023-09-13 20:15:09
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Yep @Ee4fire and the amusing part of a breaker trip is that you'd look at the wattage and say "heh wait a minute, I'm well within the limit!"

Well, you are except the breaker doesn't trip on WATTS, it trips on AMPS and with the PF being shitty enough while the WATTS drawn is in fact what the "nameplate" claims it is not for example 120 watts as 1A @ 120V it is 1.5A @ ~80V when integrated over the whole sinusoid, and suddenly the 15 lamps that should be fine on a 20A circuit, ~75% of capacity, is really 22.5 amps and... POP!
2023-09-13 20:15:09