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User Info An Old Game Is Back Again; entered at 2023-09-13 19:55:33
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Registered: 2017-02-14 Mobile,AL
I saw the "power companies hate this" pop-up ad a few days ago. Someone hawking something to save you money is usually a conman. Alabama Power Company has a peak hour charge of 29cents/hr June 1 through September 30 during the hours of 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays. Their rate is a little over 9 cents/hr during the summer off peak hours. Using the high consumption appliances in off peak hours and turning off lights when not needed may save me enough each month to visit Taco Bell or some insipid burger joint once a month.

I remember the "Tornado" and some water injection device that was supposed to get your car some fantastic gas mileage. There have been more gimmicks that I've forgotten over the years. There are some useful steps that you can take to cut down on gasoline consumption and I think that I use them all.
2023-09-13 19:55:33