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User Info An Old Game Is Back Again; entered at 2023-09-13 17:06:39
Posts: 238
Registered: 2014-09-24 Ohio
Why am I reminded of a device touted back in the early "Aughts" for cars.
"Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter".
Alleged to give you MOAR MPG's in your car by...
Using fuel that allegedly was wasted or something.
I forget what the guy said, either 25 or 40% more MPG!

It sounded like a scam so I didn't bite, it was "only" a few grand.
And at the time I "only" had about 4 in the 4 Runner, but it needed to work, and since it did, I decided "why risk a few grand on what could be a scam".
2023-09-13 17:06:39