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User Info An Old Game Is Back Again; entered at 2023-09-13 16:37:16
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It DOES benefit the power company.

But the juice is not worth the squeeze.

The only "large" consumer in a house that is material is an older-style (induction motor) A/C (or heat pump); other motor driven appliances are simply not a high enough percentage of consumption to be worth it, and since usage of all items in a residence are variable-usage this means you need sense circuitry and switching for the capacitor(s) to suit (much like a Ham Radio antenna "auto-tuner") otherwise it would be wrong all the time, and probably wrong enough a high enough percentage of the time that it would actually make the situation worse.

Resistive loads (e.g. hot water heater, the heating element in an electric clothes dryer, range and/or oven, etc.) are all pf 1.0 anyway and those are the other high-drain appliances in a typical house.

Never mind that over the last couple of decades damn near everything has gone to inverter drive as its more efficient; your dishwasher and refrigerator probably are, and if you have a front-load washer the drum motor almost-certainly is too. Any sort of modulating A/C system (including a minisplit) is also.

Who gives a shit if you have a box fan with a power factor of 0.8? It draws 50 or 100 fucking watts! That's NOTHING.

The amount of complexity and cost required to properly match on a dynamic basis is simply not worth enough in infrastructure savings at the power company level in a residential application, so they don't do it.
2023-09-13 16:37:16