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User Info The Consumer Is Strong!; entered at 2023-09-12 10:02:18
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Tickerguy wrote..
to the extent the give-away is greater than the person's current earning potential

It doesn't even have to be greater, or even equal.

If what they get for nothing is, let's say, 70% of what their normal salary would have been, most welfare addicts will just do a... sort of a twisted cost-benefit analysis, and conclude that working 8 hours for those extra 30% of income (and having to do said work up to some acceptable standards, to listen to their boss and others) just doesn't make sense. (yes, I said it's twisted... but that's how most of them will think)
They will not evaluate/compare 8 hours of work against the full value of the salary, just against the difference between what they get for nothing and the salary they would get for real work.

Sitting on their rear end, not being accountable in any way, not responsible for anything, not having to learn anything - it eventually becomes like a drug, with the same addictiveness.

Of course, in the long run a normal person would conclude that this +30% income is just the beginning and they should then build up on it, advance their career etc. A normal person would think about where they want to be 10 and 20 years from now.
But people who think like that aren't those who are the problem in the first place; you will rarely find them on welfare, short of some really unfortunate events in their life.

2023-09-12 10:02:18