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@Eoinw -
Just wondering what the labour shortage situation is in the USA. North of the border it is still shocking and getting worse.

In my grocery store, every department is desperate for help. Even with $15 minimum wage, they can't find workers, nor hold on to the ones they do find. Plus the part timers get offered full time($22 per hour) very quickly now. Yet still no workers available.

There is no labor "shortage."

There IS a shortage of people willing to work a given job AT THE OFFERED WAGE.

Your government, and ours, created this and that means WE DID IT because we didn't drag them out of office BY THEIR HAIR when they started this shit, and we have also allowed them to continue it. We should have made clear that either they cut that crap out AND EJECT ALL THE FREELAODERS WHO ARE NOT CITIZENS AND HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE HERE or we will EXECUTE THEM because that path WILL lead to wild-eyed increases in crime and ultimately economic collapse. If someone is going to kill you then making clear that either they cut it out OR YOU WILL KILL THEM TO STOP IT is not only morally and ethically defensible it is a moral and ethical imperative.

In fact we let THOUSANDS of new people into the nation who have no legal right to be here every single day AND MAKE IT WORSE because that demonstrates to all those who ARE here legally that there is no reason for them to effort at all, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE WAGE.

Some will work anyway and some jobs pay enough (if you can do them) that you'll shrug, but even there what's your "hook"? That your house price doubled or tripled? You are "owed" that? From what did you do that personally made the value triple? Did you personally add two bedrooms and gold toilets or something? No. In fact a house DEPRECIATES without continual inputs because its a physical thing and left to its own devices will decay to dust, as will anything else. Entropy makes this clear and its not a suggestion.


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