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User Info Stick To Your Beliefs; entered at 2023-05-20 11:36:19
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Registered: 2021-07-10 FEMA Region 4
Tribes also seek to maintain power through the use of "in-group preferences", while simultaneously guilt-tripping and shaming other tribes for using in-group preferences. Stefan Molyneux discussed this in depth on you-tube before getting banned.

It is no wonder that conservatives/libertarians/individuals have lost so many battles recently. Losing is easy when your side treats all equally and fairly, while the other side actively discriminates in favor of their tribe against you and yours.

A recent attempt was the firing of all unvaxxed workers, since the leftists assumed (rightly) that most of those harmed would be their political opposition. Would they "hit" some of theirs too? Yes, but they didn't care.

We will lose unless one of two things happen. The communists can start treating everyone equally and fairly, OR our side can start supporting our own tribes. The latter is real easy. Stop supporting the enemy with your time and money. Spend those resources on those intellectually and morally aligned with us. Of course, you will get called all manner of names for this, but don't forget that is just another attempt at guilt-tripping you into compromising yourself.
2023-05-20 11:36:19