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User Info Stick To Your Beliefs; entered at 2023-05-20 11:03:52
Posts: 16326
Registered: 2008-12-09 Spokane WA
People and organizations that demand my compliance to their erroneous beliefs can fuck right off.

I am interested in maintaining and growing a better society and a strong culture. My altruistic streak, essentially doomed to fail in a low trust society, and getting lower every fucking minute.

I'm wildly uninterested in enabling power-mad fucktards in their mission to belittle, enslave and divide.

When you're close to the target, they scream louder at you, and similar to the primate world, will initiate the monkey shit-fight to silence their opponents.

You know then, that you are winning; they know you are mortally dangerous to their power, control and wealth.

So most of my time is spent alone or with close family and a handful (and I mean a handful) of actual friends.
2023-05-20 11:03:52