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User Info Resolving The AI Ethics Problem; entered at 2023-04-12 07:57:46
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Registered: 2007-08-26 East Tennessee
I think we have only scratched the surface of how psuedo-AI has been used against us.

It appears to have been used to manufacture "majority" opinions in all sorts of ways over the last few years. Do you really think a majority of this country voted for biden? Do you think a majority think lgbt shaking their nearly naked ass in front of kindergarteners is ok? Covid fear? Masking? Was the toilet paper runs an experiment? There never was a shortage you know. It was entirely a social media driven "shortage."

It's been obvious for a while now but it's only with the release of ChatGPT that we could see how it was happening...

We are being scammed and it's time to get mad about it.

Not at this pseudo-AI but at the people using it attempting to shape society and opinion.
2023-04-12 07:57:46