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User Info Another Piece of the Housing ScrewJob; entered at 2023-01-23 10:57:19
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Don't be so sure on that "somewhat inland" thing @Ableardlindsey.

Hurricanes come with two basic forms of damage: Wind and water.

Your structure having an elevation LESS than the reasonable expected surge + whatever wind-driven wave height is on top of that puts you at severe risk of being flooded. Floods suck and, if you're not there to immediately deal with it they suck MUCH WORSE. Specifically, anything that gets wet must be gotten out of the structure and dehumidification restored (e.g. A/C or dehumidifiers) IMMEDIATELY (within a few days) or mold gets going in places you can't see it and you're boned. If that happens the structure is at best a gut job.

The problem with WIND damage is two-fold. The obvious is the wind itself, but the wind does not die down immediately once a bit inland. Now if you're 50+ miles inland then ok, but 10 or 20? Not so much. In addition there are often embedded little tornadoes which are like all tornadoes unpredictable and give no warning; if you get hit by one of those you're fucked, exactly as you are with any other tornado. Building to withstand a tornado is not realistic in nearly all cases.

But -- the other part of high wind that is unappreciated is WHAT the wind blows. Its not the wind that often gets you in a well-built structure. Engineering for wind loads is something that is a matter of calculation and proper construction. Unfortunately engineering for the piece of your neighbor's roof, part of a tree or other thing that winds up being picked up by said winds and thrown at your building is basically impossible; the kinetic energy involved is well beyond reasonably-defensible levels.

Ironically bring right on the water or very close to it reduces that risk simply because there's nothing there to pick up and throw.

And then there's the other 900lb Gorilla, which is fraud. When it comes to Florida and alleged building codes there's a crap-ton of fraud. Every time there's a storm you find out who did that, the builder, roofer or whoever typically has gone out of business and set up a new LLC, you can't sue a non-existent entity and frequently you find out about this is when either your roof disappears and then it rains inside for 8 hours or worse, your neighbor's roof that was fraudulently certified comes off in 4x8 pieces and said pieces go through YOURS at 120mph.

In my 20 years of living there I never saw ANYONE prosecuted for that. NEVER.

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2023-01-23 10:57:19