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User Info Another Piece of the Housing ScrewJob; entered at 2023-01-23 07:51:06
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I'm the president of my condo association, a position I've held on and off for the past 20 plus years. It's a mid rise, 100 year old building with balconies. About ten years ago or so, visible cracks in the concrete beds of the balconies developed cracks. Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before moisture seeped in and the beds, without inner bracings, would pancake down-a real hazard.

So the board at the time decided to bite the bullet, and have all the old concrete removed, new concrete reset, along with new replacement wrought iron and aluminum railings. This was a herculean task not to mention an expensive one.

We've always been proactive concerning maintenance on the building; in particular plumbing, which is the bane of any old building. The balconies, however, were never given a second thought-until we saw the cracks. So for the very first time, we had to have a special assessment which owners had the option to pay over time.

As you say, Karl, man made structures, no matter how solidly built, are subject to the laws of entropy. And this time we made certain we installed inner braces for the concrete pads on the balconies. We're very lucky nobody got killed.
2023-01-23 07:51:06