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User Info Ignore The Political Grandstanding; entered at 2023-01-23 03:40:58
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Registered: 2021-09-16
Same old story. Same old story. Why even bother to comment? Nothing ever changes because it is structurally set up to prevent any major changes. The handful who have managed to get to the position of influence without major IOU's is so small that they are pissing into the wind. The only thing corrupt evil people understand is physical. In your face confrontation and accountability. Where are the snipers? It would only take a few. Less than 5 would send a world wide message. I truly wish I was younger to volunteer for the show. To see justice on earth, yea, I will dream on. It's all in theory right? It's all in jest, right? Is it free speech? Is it?
2023-01-23 03:40:58