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User Info Ignore The Political Grandstanding; entered at 2023-01-22 22:17:02
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Registered: 2021-12-02 4 seasons
The elected officials aren't any different than regular folks. They just have a wider reach. I've been around those types all my life. I've been the outlier. Told I'm stubborn, obstinate. They make it personal. Ask me why can't I just accept what's said. If the doctor says do this I should do it no questions asked. If someone says in a meeting that's too hard or can't be done or that's the way it's always been done then I should agree.

I've stood up to bosses, teachers, even my own mother and my husband. I never understood people who didn't want to try. Who didn't want to fight. Who didn't want it better.

I've had some pretty good successes with that attitude.

But you know what? I'm done.

They think it's too hard? Fine. I don't care. Don't try. Keep complaining.
I'm not listening.

2023-01-22 22:17:02