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User Info Ignore The Political Grandstanding; entered at 2023-01-22 12:14:29
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Greener is correct.

Math (a.k.a. "reality") is the only thing that stops this runaway train.

I would also add that not everyone who votes for repubs wants to end freebies for all. Many of today's repubs are yesterdays dems. And pretty much every dem I have ever met is a socialist or marxist. This means nothing will change. And since the Fed is now part and parcel of backstopping the gov ("QE"), the bond market is not the factor it once was (or maybe it never really was). The Fed fucking around with interest rates is only the icing. The cake is far more consequential. And the lies from the gov about economic stats are becoming farcical. But if you gonna lie....tell whoppers, and tell them often!

Besides, you won't be getting anywhere close to half of women voting to end socialism, and they are the majority. Those elected know this well, from both parties. And you know it, too.

Anytime an entitlement is even rumored to be cut....the karens come out in full force, led by their media masters. "Think of the childrens!!!"... "think of the (fill in the blank)!!"......"gets mines!!!" Boomers and their social security? Forgetaboutit...."I PAID INTO IT FOR DECADES!!!"

Just wait until we have another gov shut down. Watch closely who gets the "blame" and who clamors for bigger debts. And who wins politically. We've seen this movie before kids. And our nation was not as stupid or as "progressive" as it is now.

This is why inflation's necessary. As much as I dislike it, inflation forces everyone to pay with directly or indirectly for our collective fuckery. It is the fairest way, although certainly not fair. The masses want "freebies"....the masses can have them. And inflation is the tax they can pay. Obamacare was supposed to reign in costs...hell, even give you a couple grand back! Of course it did the exact opposite (as predicted) So much so that the unions and other dem idiots who endorsed it, quickly changed their minds once THEY got the bill. Thieves all.

Want "free" healthcare? How about housing? How about education? Well, the masses have spoken and prices in all three have EXPLODED. Serves them right. This is the price for stupidity and for thievery. And this is not even counting the "green energy" scam.

The young are being bribed with student loan bailout carrots. And they seem to be taking the bait. They actually believe they will get something for "free". So they will have to suffer, too. Spare them any sympathy.

Those in politics are on the take. How else do you go into office making a few hundred grand a year and leave with millions?

Those at the bottom are on the take, and have been for awhile. Generations even.

Then throw in the parasite banksters, constantly taking their vig. And bailed out when they get over their skis.

I suppose there will come a time for everyone else to jump on the freebie bandwagon, too.

Welcome to the third world. This is what it is like. Corruption from top to bottom.

And our nation is becoming increasingly corrupt, so let's share the blame. And put it where it primarily belongs: the people.

2023-01-22 12:14:29