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User Info Ignore The Political Grandstanding; entered at 2023-01-22 11:11:43
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Karl wrote..
So the next time you're told that Congress "can't" do something, or that your specific Representative could not band together with others to do something, whatever it might be, they're lying.

Yes, they can.

They're refusing, not unable.

@Tickerguy -- This is absolutely true.

And it's FAR more than merely spending, the Congress can impeach Presidents/VPs/Justices/Judges, and the Congress can also exempt any matter from the Supreme Court (excepting those falling under Original Jurisdiction) - and this is the reason that they push the obviously-bullshit lie about "three co-equal branches" when the Congress is so much more powerful: because it allows them to avoid accountability. -- Why didn't you repeal that bad law? "Because we couldn't get the votes!" becomes "We have to defer to the Judiciary!" or "We have to defer to the policies set by the executive!" when pressed.

It's really, really disgusting to see how ALL of the branches use that excuse of "It's the OTHER branch!" to avoid any accountability.
2023-01-22 11:11:43