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User Info Ignore The Political Grandstanding; entered at 2023-01-22 10:59:44
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@Bluto: "That means the national parks won't have to close while the Republicans fight a battle over foreign aid or the border or some other issue."

That was sheer Kabuki Theater. Each department was allowed to determine who was essential and had to continue working. Forest Service officers were always essential after all we don't want the hoi poi to poach the kings deer.

The leadership allowed, may I suggest told, McCain, and the two dames to vote down the repeal of O-Taxacare. They had the tools to force them to vote for the repeal if it really were what they wanted. The biggest tool was, fine, no pork for your state. Since they didn't use that tool the Pub leadership wanted the bill not to pass.
2023-01-22 10:59:44