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User Info Ignore The Political Grandstanding; entered at 2023-01-22 10:00:20
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Obamacare repeal was deep-sixed by the infamous "thumbs-down" McCain. Senators Collins and Murkowski were also "no" votes, but not surprises.

The question is "did the Republican leadership simply allow McCain to be the scapegoat for something they never really wanted to do in the first place?" I don't know the answer to that.

An interesting twist to the story is that after "thumbs down" selfishly died in office, he was replaced by the conservative John Kyl in Arizona, who would have certainly voted to repeal Obamacare. BUT, the Republicans lost the special Senate election in Alabama. So it would not have mattered. Losing that Senate race, which was filled with lies and intrigue, might have saved Obamacare.
2023-01-22 10:00:20