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User Info Ignore The Political Grandstanding; entered at 2023-01-22 07:31:21
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All spending must of course come from revenue and thus the House must originate all such bills.
When the Rs owned the House, they always had this power, but as Karl noted, they didn't actually use it. I expect nothing different this time.

Stop the covid insanity - don't allocate money to the CDC and NIH.
Eliminate 87000 new IRS agents - reduce the IRS budget by $250K X 87000.
Stop the war in Ukraine - no more money for Zelensky.
Don't like firearm restrictions - zero the ATF budget.
Don't like Obamacare and its subsidies - zero the subsidy money.
Don't like the deep state - significantly reduce the offending organizations' budgets.
Don't want a DOE that promotes CRT. Zero its budget.

The Senate can do nothing about this, other than disapprove. It can't provide an alternative unless that alternative is negotiated with the House and the House agrees and "reoriginates" the bill. The President can't spend money he doesn't have.

The House could also refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless it gets what it wants. That would be the nuclear option, and I don't expect this kind of showdown.

Serious reform is forced on a nation when the money runs out. It'll involve a lot of pain. But nothing will happen until the seemingly endless supply of money slows.
2023-01-22 07:31:21