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User Info But But But.... (States CAN Stop Illegal Immigration); entered at 2023-01-19 12:41:36
Posts: 219
Registered: 2019-08-22 Upstate SC
I got rear ended in NC some years ago. The woman who hit me pleaded with me not to call the cops. She willingly gave me her NC Driver's License, NC registration, NC insurance card and told me she would clean my house for as long as it took to pay me back. All the documents matched for name, address, plate and VIN. When I asked her why she wanted no police report she said, "They will deport me." I took down all of her information, called the cops, and gave her back her documents. At that point she took off.

When the cops showed up they asked where she was and I told them she left, they asked why. I said she was illegal and afraid of being deported. They asked how I knew she was illegal. I said she told me so. They both laughed and said, "Not in this state. They don't deport anybody." They ran all her info and everything was legit and current. So then they went after her for hit and run and her insurance paid for my repairs.

How can an illegal alien have everything needed to legally drive in any state? Blows my mind.
2023-01-19 12:41:36