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User Info But But But.... (States CAN Stop Illegal Immigration); entered at 2023-01-19 12:36:45
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Registered: 2008-04-10 Midwest, USA
@Tickerguy... Agreed. They have shuttle buses running constantly here. (On a side note - this is proof that private enterprise will provide public transportation without gov support if sufficient demand exists.)

I know I have related this before on this forum. My BIL was head of sales for a large packing plant in the area 12+ years ago. The illegal worker problem and associated liability was already such a problem that this plant did not hire directly only using employees vetted by an employment agency. The employees would have impeccable immigration documentation, However, if the INS showed up at the plant unannounced, a great number of employees would not come back from break. The next day, the exact same employees would come back to work with entirely new identities supported by the same impeccable residency documentation. My BIL said the fakes were better that the originals.

Even if the uniparty agreed to stop illegal immigration, they'd have to seal the US/Mexico border with a militarized no-man's land mush as separates the two Koreas. Ain't gonna happen.
2023-01-19 12:36:45