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User Info But But But.... (States CAN Stop Illegal Immigration); entered at 2023-01-19 12:12:55
Posts: 863
Registered: 2008-04-10 Midwest, USA
Here in MN my uninsured motorist coverage is $7/6 mos and underinsured motorist coverage is $14/6 mos. This, despite area packing plants and hog/poultry/dairy farms full of employees of questionable immigration status.

If you want some insight into the border issue, watch Joe Rogan's recent interview with Peter Zeihan. Zeihan claims that a much more violent Mexican cartel is taking over with aspirations of operating more openly in the US. He says that it is inevitable that the violence will suddenly spill over into the border states. He believes that the US's conversation on immigration policy will only change once the first white suburban women in Phoenix is murdered. He makes a lot of sense.

You can bet that the uniparty will maintain the immigration status quo until there is a direct threat to them; money, votes, personal safety.

2023-01-19 12:12:55