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User Info But But But.... (States CAN Stop Illegal Immigration); entered at 2023-01-19 10:13:27
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Good for Florida!

Reminds me of an old joke.

The wife and I wanted to put a backyard deck on the house, so I drove to Home Depot and had a chat with Pepe and Juan, two lllegals plying their trade, as it were, in the Home Depot parking lot. They gave me an incredible quote on the deck, but as I thought it over later that day, I felt bad about promoting illegal labor, and taking work away from American citizens, so I decided to go with Dave's Backyard Decks. He talked a good game, had a wife and three young kids, and even though his quote was three times that of Pepe and Juan, I decided to go with him.

The day of the job, guess who showed up to do the actual work? Yep, Pepe and Juan.
2023-01-19 10:13:27