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User Info Preventing The Next Medical Stupidity; entered at 2023-01-17 14:21:47
Posts: 39
Registered: 2022-05-31 Middle of Nowhere AZ
Here is an example of the mess the medical system is in and the stress and BS caused by the system.

I have a high deductible ($2500) health plan and need a CT scan. I cannot get a price for what I have to pay - it certainly wont hit the deductible. Ive been on the phone for several hours with both the hospital and my insurance company. No one will give me a price in spite of the law that requires it. The hospital points at the insurance co and the insurance co point at the hospital. The nearest I can tell its between $1300 and $2000.

The hospital has a prepay plan where insurance isn't billed. The cost is $500. The sorry thing if I go that route is that it will not count towards my deductible even if I file the claim. Insurance says it will apply to the out of network deductible even though the hospital is in network. The reason for this, I was told by the insurance co, is that the hospital doesnt file the claim directly so it is out of network.

This is pure insanity.

On another note I lost insurance a couple of years ago right before I had a doctor telemedicine call for a script refill. The insurance co paid $80 for previous visits. My un-insured 5 minute phone call was $350 and the doctors office would not budge on price an accept the former $80 fee. I didnt pay and they sent me fo claims and reported it to the credit bureaus. Doctors are nothing but thieves.
2023-01-17 14:21:47