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User Info Preventing The Next Medical Stupidity; entered at 2023-01-17 14:08:19
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Registered: 2021-12-02 4 seasons
I went into Sam's Club pharmacy to get my mom's meds the other day. And the pharmacist helped me instead of a tech and immediately started on me about getting the flu shot. I said I wasn't interested. Tells me flu is supposed to be bad this season.(Seriously am I suppose to slap my forehead and say by golly good thing you mentioned it otherwise I wouldn't have thought to get it!!) She persisted and told me a lot of people had been in with sore throats. (What?? In this day in age?? They came in? They could have the coof!! Lol) I said no again and she says rather quietly "well, I guess so far the flu hasn't been bad".

Maybe next time I might ask her professional opinion on coinciditist.

I once read years ago that white women with insurance had higher c-section rates than minorities with no insurance. The minorities didn't experience higher fetal or maternal mortalities. They just labored longer.

I know of situations where the medical professional was told the expenses would be out of pocket and suddenly he becomes interested in a cautious approach or decides he doesn't really need all those tests to make a diagnosis.

I don't anticipate the medical industry will come to a screeching halt or blow up dramatically. I think it will just wither away as people are told certain services are limited or no longer available. Then people will just stop asking.

What I can't understand is how people believe a pill they put in their mouth will fix them but the junk they put in their mouth has no effect.
2023-01-17 14:08:19