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User Info Preventing The Next Medical Stupidity; entered at 2023-01-17 10:01:38
Posts: 57
Registered: 2022-12-06
It will never happen, ever, until a national bankruptcy event forces the issue.

The nations political class want votes and need contributions. The status quo must be maintained to keep the medical graft machine running at all costs.

The doctors are even worse, they want this medical thievery with outrageous fee's and bloated overhead to continue as they would fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo.

Most States political bodies are filled with progressive leftist cowards/tyrants and useless conservatives, they don't want less medical costs, expenditures or coverage, they want more.

The nations civilian population is too stupid and uninformed to know it needs to be done. Compounding the national tragedy is that the average person knows virtually nothing about the basic workings of anything to do with finances, national debt, or grotesque medical expenditure outlays.

In short, the national number crunchers know this is going to end in a national financial nuclear blast. But no one with the balls/power to change these facts are going to rock the boat.

They are riding this to ZERO!
2023-01-17 10:01:38