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User Info Preventing The Next Medical Stupidity; entered at 2023-01-17 07:43:57
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This is good stuff, but I fear there is a rather sizable loop hole that has already been exploited, thus likely to be exploited again.

The federal government used is power over it's vendors to force mandates. Any vendor that does any sort of business, or plans to do business, with the fed government was looped in and forced to mandate vaccination or face loosing their vendor status immediately. They worded it in such a way that even those of us that don't work in the part of the company that does business with the fed government were also included in the mandate... same for those of us who work remotely, with no physical contact with other employees or customers.

Crazy stuff, but they did it, and did it long enough before any sort of litigation put a hold on it that lots of people were affected, either having to quit or take the jab.

Next time they will just change a few words around to dodge any litigation in flight and start all over again.
2023-01-17 07:43:57