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User Info Coof Wars Epilogue; entered at 2023-01-16 19:03:27
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@Aquapura -- "No disagreement there. I work in a relatively young office. Nobody is of the age that in pre-pandemic times we would expect to have a suddenly."

Young or old, shit is shit. Time to flush the toilet. They did it to themselves. Just like the druggies, the young ones who totally fucked their lives, where i encouraged the society to stop with the Narcan shit, stop calling 911 and simply let them go to room temp. Used to get downvoted here for saying that if not directly challenged. Funny how many here seem a lot more like me, see signature line. What's the matter that secondary, lesser white genetics finally got embarrassing enough? Humm ... Finally hundreds of years of not having balls and letting your women dominate you caught up in a really embarrassing way? Humm ... Karens existed long before COVID-BS and even tried to fuck with my people on occasion. While we had to tolerate them, you had to live with them.

Strong people do not have substances own them, nor do they have society control them often through their women to do destructive things to themselves and their progeny that the rest of us will pay for all time. The Romans practiced this shit of breaking a people before you had surnames.

Break the cycle instead of them breaking you.

Problem solved, and the family pays for the funeral in most cases. Our societal expense ends.
2023-01-16 19:03:27