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User Info Coof Wars Epilogue; entered at 2023-01-16 13:31:14
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Then, like a fart in the wind, it's gone. NOBODY asks about jab status anymore. NOBODY pulls out that CDC card like a badge of honor. And more horrifying is NOBODY talks about the suddenlies that are all over the news. Instead bullshit like sportsball and the weather are the topic de jour. I should be happy about that but it's unsettling how the hive mind of the sheep functions.

I've only had two discussions with anyone about the shots. The first was with my boss on a Zoom call, where I told him flat out I was not getting the shots, period. That was in May of '21 when I was on a customer site. I also had a rather terse discussion with my sister (the only terse discussion in living memory) where I, again, told her flat out that I do not "do shots" in general, and cited my childhood problems which, in retrospect, were due exclusively to medical Mercury as reason why. She knows full well I think the medical establishment is full of shit and is well aware of my DIY life-extension protocols. This was either summer or early fall of '21.

I have not heard a peep from anyone (work, customers, family, you name it) about the shots since that time. Its like the subject has become one of those things (for example, blacks being less intelligent than other races, etc.) that you do not discuss in polite conversation. I'm happy to keep it this way as I'm generally non-confrontational in a personal sense and prefer not to argue with people. But I will hold my ground when necessary and refusal of the shots was one of those cases.
2023-01-16 13:31:14