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User Info Coof Wars Epilogue; entered at 2023-01-16 11:47:33
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@Aquapura -- "We do not have AED devices in our office and I'm honestly thinking about recommending we get some. Guess I'm not a total ghoul."

Please reconsider that recommendation. We want these people to go quietly into the night. They are going to be nothing other than a burden in all venues. If one finds this too cruel to accept, think of it as doing them a favor and sparing the misery. After an arrest, there is a great chance of a life of much misery and pain.

I have always been this way regarding the big AED push and all of this everyone does CPR thing. Would tell people that they should assess the individual.

Is the individual Healthy, economically viable, likeable/lovable and personable/productive. "HELP"

"Old people are supposed to die," was another one of my words of wisdom.

The advice was originally directed at fat slobs, druggies, homeless, losers, morons and assholes. Did you know that there is no law requiring one to call for help? Just step over them and keep going.

Someone not worth saving codes in the break room, calmly walk out and let enough time go by that it is over.

Hard times need hard decisions. Shame that we did not learn this years ago.

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2023-01-16 11:47:33