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User Info Coof Wars Epilogue; entered at 2023-01-16 08:06:35
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What I find surprising is how quickly the pro-jab crowd just quit saying anything about the vexxine. There was a good long time where people would flash those jab cards like a trophy. It was regular water cooler talk to discuss who got the Pfizer or the Moderna. The JNJ guy was that B squad, but still loud and proud. And there I was keeping my mouth shut. ONE colleague privately told me he wasn't jabbed. He must've noticed I never talked about it so figured 2+2=4 and he could be truthful to me. It was plainly obvious he wanted to talk to someone without the pushback. I still didn't reveal my status, but told him I fully supported his right to make his own healthcare decisions.

We endured over a year of that shit. Granted even the jabbed people didn't come into the office all that much but this was former-friends, colleagues, family, the stranger in line at the supermarket, etc.

Then, like a fart in the wind, it's gone. NOBODY asks about jab status anymore. NOBODY pulls out that CDC card like a badge of honor. And more horrifying is NOBODY talks about the suddenlies that are all over the news. Instead bullshit like sportsball and the weather are the topic de jour. I should be happy about that but it's unsettling how the hive mind of the sheep functions.

We do not have AED devices in our office and I'm honestly thinking about recommending we get some. Guess I'm not a total ghoul.
2023-01-16 08:06:35