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User Info Amnesty? Absolutely NOT; entered at 2022-11-02 01:18:40
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Frankly, the psyche of Emily Oster should be studied by "mendologists" (experts in how people lie) for years to come.
It is quite amazing that this broad thinks she can get away with this astounding, epic gaslighting---still ordering about the supposed unwashed and informing them that they didn't actually know anymore than she did but just go lucky! This is life in the academic and DC media bubble (which I think is more or less what the Atlantic is part of).

She accords herself godlike self-serving powers to tell the world what to think of her own horrendous errors. Her and TPTB's errors really can only be measured on a kind religious scale of moral "Error" writ large.
Of course as a guilty party she is trying like hell to control the narrative and the Overton Window of what can now be said about her crimes. Just as she and her ilk controlled the Overton Window before. But this time it doesn't seem to be working. I hope she is getting a major trauma from the wave of hatred inundating her that she has so richly earned. Of course this article is a forward defense against reality. Anyone who calls her to account will be discounted as unforgiving and "counterproductive." She thinks she still speaks for the majority and can continue to "other" those who were right. The people who were right should just be "gracious" and "polite" according to Miss Emily's strictures. It is risible.

Emily Oster's gaslighting, the overweening pride, the continued assumption of authority when in the wrong, the utter lack not only of humility but even of a sense of reality are symptoms of a disturbed perception of reality. Oster's article is a study in multiple pathologies and delusions.
Does she have dementia?
Or is she, now, scared at what may lie ahead for her?
Total devalidation, public ridicule, and maybe eventual loss of position? And, hah! what happens when the minority community starts to wrap their heads around this disgusting display of, yes, some kind of white privilege. The privilege of always being allowed to be right. This gal needs a real whuppin'!

I appreciate the Amazing Polly link.
I think Polly is a good reporter and thinker, despite her flirtations with the Qanon business. She comes close to expressing the level of outrage that has to be expressed. Except, she is too nice.

I expect Oster's article will provide a rich corpse for ongoing moral dissections.

2022-11-02 01:18:40