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User Info Amnesty? Absolutely NOT; entered at 2022-11-01 21:22:23
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So, I have had conversations with my pastor and with others. I still get blank looks and have quit banging my head on the same brick wall. I don't understand my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and I don't hate them either.

But I asked early on. How can it be loving and compassionate to follow the monstrous government guidelines and beauracratic edicts when: you scare people half out of their minds over a 99% survivable virus. When you lock people away from loved ones. When you force businesses to close,some permanent. And as a result all the spending to keep a implosion at bay adding to the debt and economic chaos that folks will deal with now and years to come. When you have the increase in suicides, mental struggles, health implications from the stress. When you have the fracturing of society and families over to jab or not jab. Etc. How is that loving, how is that a kindness to let the government have such a tyrannical role in these matters -whether or not you are a Christian.

I personally feel the church should have taken a strong stance against all of this and could have shown real wisdom and compassion. I am not angry at God, we did this to ourselves and it is not His fault as we have free will. But I am disappointed in many of my Christian friends. I agree with another poster that God has given us intelligence and discernment and there are truly times, I believe, when action needs to be taken now. Prayer is essential for sure, but we don't always need to agonize over what to do. He has given us minds to know.
2022-11-01 21:22:23