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User Info Amnesty? Absolutely NOT; entered at 2022-11-01 10:38:42
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Watched about 30 minutes of a WWII era documentary on the Nazi concentration camp events over the weekend. It covered the construction of the camps, buildings, ovens, etc.
About 5 minutes were devoted to the choice, manufacture, and use of the cyanide pesticide called Zyklon B, used to murder the Jewish prisoners.

During the program, I realized that is you substituted the name Zyklon B with Spike Protein, the events then and now were very similar.

The Jewish people were told to get on the trains so that they could be resettled in the east. At the concentration camps they were separated into groups that were to be worked to death and those that needed a shower. At the showers they were instructed to place their clothing on the numbered hangers and to remember the hanger number so they could reclaim their clothing. After the Zyklon B, gold teeth, watches, shoes, hair, all valuables were removed before the ovens incinerated the dead.

For the spike protein vaccine, we were told that it would stop the virus, was safe and effective. If you became infected with a bad case of Covid, you ended up in a hospital that acquired many qualities of a concentration camp. If you died, the hospital didn't extract your gold teeth, but did receive a large bonus for procedures, drugs, ventilators.

200 million vaccine damaged citizens. The perpetrators of this human disaster have too much blood on their hands to be washed off in this life time.

2022-11-01 10:38:42