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User Info Amnesty? Absolutely NOT; entered at 2022-11-01 10:28:33
Posts: 936
Registered: 2013-10-14
My husband is a big Diana Krall fan, so for our recently celebrated 25th anniversary, I purchased ONE ticket for him to go, with a friend.

The mask "mandate" from her is over, but hey, I've got a f*cking long ass memory. None of the assholes who sought to make my life miserable these past two years will ever earn my forgiveness, or get any of my cash.

That goes for "friends" as well, btw. Those who wouldn't come into my home, would not associate with me because of my "unvaxxed status", can all rot in hell.

No, no forgiveness, EVER! You threw endless amounts of children out of school, undoubtedly ruining their cognitive skills through wearing masks (STILL GOING ON!), and destroyed countless small businesses due to this horseshit.

Karl, myself, and MANY others tried in vain to get people to THINK and listen to REASON, to no avail.

I agree with a poster above, this whole episode has educated me in how f*cking stupid the majority of people are and how most are sniveling cowards waiting with bated breath for the next order to be given by their masters.

I hope all you assholes enjoy your slavery, because that's what is in store for you. F*ck you all with a rusty chainsaw!

2022-11-01 10:28:33