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User Info Putin's Gauntlet; entered at 2022-09-22 10:31:22
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Registered: 2010-01-10 Giant Side of Texas
I am rather agnostic toward either side seeing as there is NO United States overriding interest in this kerfuffle. For the 40+ Billion dollars we have invested so far, what do we get from it?
Would our world be any different if Russia had taken what they believe is theirs and the world went on its way? But the ruling class brings up Hitler and him not being stopped at the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Austria ad nauseum. The ruling class believes Putin has dibs on all of Europe.
Does he?
I dunno.
But the way he has acted in the past on other border issues makes me think not. And if this was strictly about energy, there are other former Soviet republics that would be better targets than Ukraine. What does Russia have to gain realistically that will improve their country and economy if they take the whole Ukraine? I can see some incremental improvements, but nothing that cost the blood and treasure that is being expended.
2022-09-22 10:31:22