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User Info Putin's Gauntlet; entered at 2022-09-22 09:18:43
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Registered: 2007-10-31 Ohio
I am more pro-Ukrainian on this board than most (in a war sense; I don't like either governemnt). I have seen a lot more that has convinced me that there is not widespread support for this in eastern Ukraine than that there is (although agree every one has an angle and I cannot completely trust that conclusion).

All that said, cost/benefit analysis must still be used and our response is terrible no matter what you believe about what is right or wrong. Turning the dollar into a weapon hurts the US a lot more outside a very limited time frame and was insane.

Even if supplying some weapons was justified, Russia has already paid a heavy price here and a full mobilization is going to eventually get them their objectives. Continuing to go near all in after they start drafting, is going to result in Europe freezing and increase the chance this becomes something more without likely changing the odds all that much. I can understand arguments to help in ways till now, but Putin is already in a corner, don't make him desperate and open to choices we don't want him to make.
2022-09-22 09:18:43