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User Info Putin's Gauntlet; entered at 2022-09-22 08:25:18
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But what we must ask ourselves is whether we, as the United States, are willing to commit our nation including both material and treasure to enforce another nation's demand that people live under their rule who do not wish to be so

The US has been doing so since at least the turn of the last century, down in the banana republics, and has continued to do so through the likes of Operation Ajax and the various "low-intensity" wars the Empire That Lies always seems to have ready to fire up when needed.

The question is, will they ever stop? An epochal inflection point is upon us, and I expect those with the power will make the worst choice, as they always do. But in the past, there's never really been the option for Global Thermonuclear War, so the past isn't (hopefully) prologue.
2022-09-22 08:25:18