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User Info 75 bips; entered at 2022-09-20 10:03:34
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Most people have viewed my financial choices as being childish. I have never tried to maximize my income, rather, I've focused on enjoying what I do more than what I make.

My retirement plan has been to work until I die, which might sound horrible to some if you, but is the best way I know of staying mentally and physically healthy.

I've watched people's emotional health suffer with rise and fall of their retirement funds as political winds shift.

To me the scariest financial news always deals with people losing their retirement due to poor stewardship of the retirees investment pool. How much would it suck to wake up one morning to discover you're poor?

It's easier to just be poor, as there isn't much distance to fall, and you know everyday you have to hit the ground running.

Yeah, it sometimes sucks to not have extra money for stuff we want (ahem, coffee roaster...). On the other hand, lacking cash makes you good at manifesting stuff you want or need. I'm certain, if I NEED a coffee roaster, the universe will provide. Maybe a friend and I will buy a used one we can share, or we'll make one or I'll do without.

Today I'm installing some new lights for a neighbor. Rather than money, the neighbor is giving me stuff he doesn't need(lumber, metal, firewood) we both win.

America has so much wealth, people throw it away! Dumpster diving is an interesting scavenger hunt. Do it enough and you'll learn what businesses and neighborhoods have the choicest pickings. I was at the dump and a guy threw away a 6 inch grinder that looked fine. He left, I grabbed it-replaced the brushes and I have a nice grinder!

I've been around wealth, and as nice as it is, it also comes with headaches I don't want or need.

I admire the folks who have 'made it'. I hope looking back, the work was worth the reward.

I may not have money in the bank, but I have a wealth of experiences I wouldn't trade for Gates money. Seriously.

The baby bummers are a generation of hoarders. They're checking out, and their hoards are being sold cheap. My wife's sister-in-law's dad has five giant buildings full of stuff like 5 brand new turkey roasters because they were on sale.

Don't worry, be thrifty, and keep your eye on the obits for future sales...
2022-09-20 10:03:34