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In a word, no @Flappingeagle.

If The Fed attempts to go against what the market does the result is immediate arbitrage against them. Since The Fed has none of its own funds and generates them by fees and such, less expenses, and can't keep any of the surplus it generates (it has to remit it back to Treasury) the only way they could do that for any length of time would be for Congress to explicitly take actions they demand in order to fund it.

That's a bridge wildly too far, even for these assholes, since there's no way to do that sort of thing quietly (you need to pass bills into law, etc.)

Note that Bernanke and others have said repeatedly that what Congress was doing with their fiscal policy was unsustainable. Well, it was and is. But what they do leads The Fed to HAVE TO follow the market's reaction to it, and now its folding back on Congress for their decades of insane fiscal abuse.

The Fed can't stop it.
2022-09-20 09:57:46