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I so enjoy these economic Tickers and cast my vote for more of same. Also more like @Whitehat's viewpoints as well. Especially regarding the imminent demographic change as boomers (like me) die off and the baton is passed to the upcoming and mostly clueless cohort of children. Personal example: I live in a house that's way too large for me and Mrs. We have been here 34 years. Raised 2 kids and ran a biz out of it that entire time. Now, the kids are gone, the dogs have died, and the biz long since sold off. We know we need to move and downsize, and may have missed the R.E. peak but inertia keeps us here - for now.

My older brother two decades ago told me he foresaw mass forced selling destined to take place as boomers exit stage left. Downsizing, medical bills, etc. It seems the FED may have simply delayed all that since 2008 with their insane policies. I feel a reckoning is due soon?
2022-09-20 09:49:56