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User Info 75 bips; entered at 2022-09-20 09:13:05
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Is it incorrect to think that due to the massive amount of debt that's been created, and is still being created, that the Fed has no choice but to continue raising in order to save the dollar from hyperinflation?

Even the Bank of Canada is raising which, to me, means Bay Street is standing with Wall Street.

Meanwhile Trudeau, as well as Biden, continues to create more money out of thin air. I would have thought governments would wish to protect the value of the dollar because their power is based on their control of that money. Now if these governments are Quislings meant to destroy that value then what they're doing makes sense.

Looking ahead, are we going to see the Fed raising rates while the US government tries to counter that by creating more debt?

Finally, I can't help but think the only way to avoid runaway inflation collapsing the economy(plus a political and social collapse) is to see a stock market crash that triggers massive debt destruction.
2022-09-20 09:13:05