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User Info 75 bips; entered at 2022-09-20 09:12:38
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So we will finally be at rates over 3%! Still 1/3rd of "official" inflation. I imagine Volcker would smile and say "how cute".

Mortgage rates are already over 6%...trending to 7%. All those realtors and mortgage brokers better dust off their resume'! Maybe get that old bartending gig back? I could not buy my own house now with those rates. Look out below!

The USD is strong and may get even more so, maybe that keeps inflation from getting even worse here, but perhaps leading to lots of problems elsewhere in the world. I suspect this next rate increase will only add fuel to the fire as Europe is starting to feel the effects of their economic seppuku, and Japan appears hell-bent on destroying their own currency for some reason.

Long popcorn.
2022-09-20 09:12:38