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Like everything else, the private sector does what it must; the govt and its agents follow along.

If one can avoid purchasing anything other than the most basic necessities including experiences for the next two years, liquid cash is going to have unprecedented purchasing power. This will end in a deflationary form.

Sadly for most reading, the time to liquidate assets and other non-essential items has closed or is really close to ending. Personally, if i was in this position would grab any deal to cash for non-essentials right now. Stop financial investment losses right now and keep what one actually has with the hard lesson.

Now add in the normal ageing out of a concentrated retiring class, and many life and lifestyle items are going to become quite affordable without a liquid and financially secure generation following behind to create a proportional demand.

Lots of recreational industries, already hanging on for two or more decades in many places, are going to crash. Add in hobbies and retirement lifestyle venues.

People who did the ex-pat thing, some friends of mine, are going to regret not being here for the opportunities and stability, yes stability.

Prediction: Some freer US States are going to slowly, quietly and effectively roll back some regulations, taxes and plans for control to help people make it there. It will be kind of slipped in. I have my theories as to how and where. They will know that those rebuilding in the ashes have to be given a break.

It will be so quite that some might miss it.
2022-09-20 09:10:28